Aggravation 1989-1996 - Jean-Paul Curnier

Aggravation 1989-1996 - Jean-Paul Curnier

Aggravation 1989-1996 - Jean-Paul Curnier

Aggravation, 1989-2001. Jean-Paul Curnier. Farrago , L. Scheer, c2002. 大学図書館所蔵 件 / 全 1 件. 学習院大学 図書館 仏文. PC/00/CUR 0200479933

Jean-Paul Curnier. Lignes & Manifestes c2006 Lignes Essais. 所蔵館7館. 3. Yann Kersalé. Jean-Paul Curnier, Henri-Pierre Jeudy, Monique Sicard ; interviews de Yann Kersalé par Éric Germain. Norma c2003. 所蔵館5館. 4. Aggravation, 1989-2001. Jean-Paul Curnier. Farrago , L. Scheer c2002. 所蔵館1館 . 5. L'art ultimo : la démocratie prouvée par l'absurde. Jean-Paul Curnier. Sens ...

the aggravation and breakdown of the relation; and three positive changes-better cycle of the development and maturing of each person as an individual and as a couple; a deepening and evolving of each couple’s relation; and a improvement of intimate relations. Eight factors were involved in the negative changes: a) mutual misunderstanding of the difficulties encoun- tered; b) a negative ...

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The incidence of the rapid phase of aggravation was then determined in each group, in order to investigate the relationship between aging and the appearance of the rapid phase of aggravation. The rapid phase was already noted in the youngest age group (range, 35-39 years), while the incidence gradually increased up to the 50-54-year group and stayed at a constant level in the 55-69-year …

Suppressing Effect of Low-Dose Gamma-Ray Irradiation on Collagen-Induced Arthritis Nakatsukasa Hiroko , Tsukimoto Mitsutoshi , Ohshima Yasuhiro , TAGO Fumitoshi , MASADA Ayako , KOJIMA Shuji Journal of radiation research 49(4), 381-389, 2008-07-15

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